Hire A Worker Find out how our service can suit the size and scale of your business.

We will help you recruit foreign workers, navigate government procedures, and bring your employees to Canada quickly and easily. Once in Canada our Engagement and Retention plans ensure long term service from your employees.

We help you find right employees based on what you need. After carefully determining your requirements we create a shortlist of qualified candidates. We consider English communication, credentials, essential skills, experience, salary expectations and your individual needs in order to find employees that are well-suited to your business.

Our certified consultants will help you obtain Labour Market Opinions so you can hire employees of your choice. We will work with the employees you chose to get work visa approvals and ensure they don’t make any mistakes on their applications.

We prepare an onboarding package containing Canadian Workplace culture, Employee Code of Conduct, Industry and Franchise SOP’s and language demands of the occupation. This is a simple step by step guide for a smooth transition to the workplace and is tailor-made to the organisation

We address your company's staffing challenges and help you meet your labour needs so you can focus on your business and your bottom line.


Information for Employers


Career Planning with KEAT


Live permanently in Canada

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