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Temporary Foreign workers bring diversity to the Canadian work place. However as Newcomers to Canada, they need to settle into their environment to perform their duties effectively. KEAT Consulting addresses key areas of concern before arrival in Canada.

KEAT will assist with housing needs that are close to your work area and in your budget. In rural areas we will provide you with a thorough understanding of the transportation situation before you reach your destination.

Employers provide Health Insurance to Temporary Foreign Workers. Provincial Health Insurance can take time, but it is retroactive and employers may be reimbursed by the Province for any charges incurred privately. At no time will you have to pay for Provincial Healthcare.

Through local financial advisors we will educate Newcomers to Canada on the Canadian banking system. This includes interacting with Service Canada & local banks, setting up a SIN Number, bank accounts, credit & debit cards. Having stable finances will make you more secure in your daily life.

Multiculturalism is central to our commitment. KEAT ensures Temporary Foreign Workers meet local cultural counterparts to help them assimilate into the community in Canada. By promoting a cultural diversity we make Canada a more dynamic place to live. Please request a listing of our regional community partners at


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