Work in Canada Plan your career with KEAT Consulting.

We are experienced professional recruiters who have your future in our hands. We take this very seriously. We will find you a position in Canada worry free and free of cost. Since these are genuine jobs we must make sure you are ready to meet the requirements.

We take you through every step of creating a professional candidate profile to help you put your best foot forward. In doing so you will have:

  • Federal and Provincial requirements under the National Occupation Code
  • English language - IELTS & CELPIP certification
  • Experience required by Employer & Occupation
  • Health and security checks required by Immigration

We will counsel you through the interview process, creating a resume , and dos and don’ts of the verbal interview. KEAT focuses on:

  • Active Listening
  • Oral communication
  • Role play and Mock calls
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Workplace Culture
    • Canadian Colloquialisms
    • Employee Code of Conduct
    • Language Demands of the Occupations

Visa and Work Permit applications can be a tedious process and mistakes mean a loss of this chance to come to Canada. We do not want you to lose the chance to come to Canada. Applications and representation for work permits are handled by federally licensed immigration consultants. We will ensure you are in compliance with Canadian regulations on entry so you are eligible to work in Canada.

It can be hard when coming to a new country. We help you build a healthy relationship with your prospective employers, and join your new community so you can have a fruitful career. You will integrate into Canadian Culture and the workforce with our step by step guide to perform your duties with peace of mind.

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